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Real Estate Marketing

Videos, photography, 3D tours, and everything in between—we’ve got all you need to sell real estate, fast.

The stats back up the need for real estate marketing through media services: 73% of potential real estate buyers say they are more likely to work with a real estate agent or agency that provides professional photo, video and 3D virtual tour services. Purchasing a home is a major investment – most buyers want to see and know as much about the property as possible before making an offer; however, in-person showings can be time-consuming and a challenge to organize for all involved.

Make use of professional media strategies to deliver an unparalleled home-buying experience to your clients. Professional real estate video, photography and 3D virtual tours can help streamline your marketing and selling processes by providing your potential buyers with an accurate depiction of each home through digital media.

Cotala is full of creative talents who create compelling media that puts your properties in the best light. From real estate photography and video showcasing both close-up and aerial views of your real estate to website design services that represent your online brand identity perfectly, Cotala has everything you need for real estate marketing in one spot.

How can real estate media services help you sell properties fast?

Professionally composed wide angle photos, in HDR (High Dynamic Range) or standard single exposure, plus powerful videos can showcase the best angles and features of your property online, in virtual presentations, through social media, and other marketing avenues. You can even take your potential buyers on a virtual tour of the property so you can save time and resources as you can accommodate more clients, from any part of the world. With media, you can also highlight views of your property that would otherwise be unseen with a physical visit such as a panoramic or aerial shot of the entire property.

Cotala provides high-quality media services for real estate marketing that is tailored to the unique needs of your business. Our top real estate media solutions include:

  • Real Estate Video 
  • Real Estate Photography 
  • Aerial Photo & Video 
  • Realtor Website Design 
  • Realtor Video Marketing
  • Matterport / Virtual Reality

Are you ready to grow your real estate business or career with exceptional media solutions?

With Cotala’s innovative yet tried-and-true media production solutions, we can create quality media content that depicts your real estate in the most authentic and alluring ways to provide you with the competitive advantage to attract quality home buyers and sell your properties fast. Call us today to know how we can help with your real estate marketing strategies!

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