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Photography Services

Give yourself an edge. We all know the saying that you only get one chance to make a first impression. The first impression any potential buyer will have of your listing is the photo gallery. Professional Realtors® are hired so that a property is never represented by the poor-quality photos mentioned above. That’s why you’re here. At Cotala, we will provide the kind of high-quality photos you need to showcase your listings in the absolute best light, and make the best possible first impression.

Standard Photography

Looking for faster sales and higher interest in your listings? Our Standard Photo service could be the missing ingredient for successful and swift sales. From small condos to multimillion-dollar homes to commercial real estate or rental properties, we cover it all. Cotala provides premium natural looking, bright photos captured with a multi-flash technique. Get the quality images you need to sell your listing quickly and easy!

HDR Photography

High-Dynamic Resolution (HDR) photography captures the full range of lighting and color in a scene. The result is richer, deeper imaging that adds you-are-there energy to your listing.

HDR combines multiple exposures, lighting effects, and processing to create a single image that offers 3-5 times the beauty, clarity, and color than a normal photograph presenting your property in the most desirable light.

Twilight Photos

Many would name dusk/twilight as the best time to photograph real estate listings. Bright interiors and exterior shots can be made spectacular by the addition of rich, deep blue skies and dazzling lights. Shooting this time of day isn’t easy, but Cotala has you covered.

Drone Stills

Breathtaking Views From Above! Take it to the next level with Aerial drone photography. This service provides a birds-eye view of any property. This adds value to any listing, allowing buyers to have a sense of the property’s transparency by viewing it from above. These include things like the roof condition, a general outline of a lot but also important selling points such as how close the property is to beaches or other landmarks. Contact us today for more information!

Our advanced photo editing toolset helps make your listing prep painless. With virtual staging you can make any empty home look beautiful with ease, and our blue sky replacement and day-to-night editing services help your listing pop regardless of the weather during your shoot.

Virtual Staging

Looking to have your listing staged? We can digitally furnish your vacant properties quickly and efficiently. We offer a wide variety of furniture options and home decor. With virtual staging, you could increase buyer interest at a fraction of the cost of the actual home staging. Submit your virtual staging request today!

Blue Sky Replacement

Photography shoots are planned in advance, but sometimes it can be difficult to predict the weather. Agents are more likely to cancel or reschedule photo shoots when the weather isn’t optimal, but we actually offer services that can help you deal with weather issues and get your shoot taken as soon as possible! Cotala can provide blue sky replacement to show you a sunny day with some fluffy clouds.

Day To Night

Adding virtual dusk and fire-like sunsets to an image will make your listing stand out with a stunning twilight ambience. With lit windows and other features (fireplaces, etc) this will help a potential buyer envision themselves living in that home on a relaxing evening.

Video & Drone Services

At Cotala, we provide cinematic solutions for realtors who want their listings to sell for the highest price in the least days on market. Whether you are looking for an epic drone shot, or a virtual walk-through, our team of video production pros know how to put the spotlight on your property. We will highlight your the best features and give each property a highly professional, cinematic feel.

Walkthrough Video

Walkthrough + Drone Video

Video With Intros

Twilight Video

Video With Special Effects

Simplified Video

Drone Video

Matterport & Virtual Tours

Do business better & faster with Matterport’s 3D virtual tours—whether you are a real estate agent, broker, or property manager—raise commissions, reach a wider audience, and close deals faster. You can position yourself above the competition by allowing potential clients to view your homes in 3D, which is unattainable using just pictures or 360 tours.


Virtual Tours

Accuracy above all else. Our technicians measure and capture your space using the most cutting edge 3D scanners and laser devices. Eliminate the risk of inaccurate measurements or disruption to your transaction and work with a professional company that produces quality products.

Standard Floorplan

Our standard floor plan showcases your listing to prospective buyers with an online floor plan available in the 2D option. The detailed floorplan includes doors, windows, staircases, appliances, etc., properly labeled and with the dimensions of each room indicated. Easy to read, the standard floorplan is delivered in PDF format ready for emailing, faxing, websites and printing. Turn around in 1 business day (rush options are available)

Simplified Floorplan

Simplified floor plans show precise dimensions of all areas included as living spaces and those that are not. All measurements are to Building Owners and Managers Association International (BOMA) standards and show a 2D floor plan. Each room is clearly labeled and its correct dimensions are indicated. The easy-to-read layout is in PDF format, which makes it perfect for emailing, faxing, websites, and printing. Turn around in 1 business day (rush options are available)

Attract more buyers and close deals fast with our optimized listing pages that get you seen on Google.

Real Estate Listing pages included with all of our field services

Today’s real estate agents and brokers are ditching old methods in favor of newer, more convenient ones to get their message out to a broader audience of potential clients. Successful commercial deals are increasingly being made with the help of real estate listings, which agents now consult. They made this choice, which makes sense because more and more building firms are posting their work online. Fortunately, Cotala Cross Media is an expert in developing listing pages for real estate advertising.